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*Note: Event times and details may vary, check the official Kidexpo schedule for more information.

2018 BEYBLADE BURST World Championship

24 National Champions will represent their countries in the World Championship for their chance to be named the BEYBLADE BURST World Champion! The 24 champions will be split up into four pools for intense battles throughout the day at the BEYBLADE BURST booth and the top two contenders from each pool will go onto the quarter-finals taking place on the Kidexpo Main Stage. There, they will battle it out until the champion is crowned! The event will be livestreamed on the Official BEYBLADE BURST YouTube Channel for fans from all over the world to follow along and root for their favorite champion. You won’t want to miss this epic main event!


The Free Battle Zone will be open every day of Kidexpo from 10:00-18:00 (except during ‘Hiro Morita Autograph Session’ on November 3rd and the ‘NEW BEYBLADE BURST SLINGSHOCK PRODUCT, Come Battle!’ Sessions) for free battles from for Bladers ages 8 and up. Come battle your friends and show off your Beyblade skills using the latest BEYLADE BURST SWITCHSTRIKE product.

Stamina Challenge

This is a challenge where Bladers will use Stamina type Beyblade tops and try to keep their Bey spinning as long as they can. The Blader(s) who keeps their Bey spinning for the longest amount of time will win a prize!

Attack Challenge

This is a challenge where Bladers will use Attack type Beyblade tops and try to burst their opponent’s Bey. The Blader who manages to get the best/biggest burst finish (as judged by the MC) will win a prize!

Defense Challenge

This is a challenge where Bladers will use Defense type Beyblade tops and try to keep their Bey spinning steady in one place without swerving. The Blader(s) who manages to keep their Bey stationary and spinning on the smallest area out of all the other Bladers will win a prize!

Challenge Storm & Light

Bladers will get the chance to battle against the MC’s of the World Championship Storm and Light. Storm and Light are experts on Beyblade and have been fans for years, they know their Beys well and have got their strategies perfected, let’s see if you have what it takes to beat these Beyblade masters!

Challenge the French National Champion

Bladers will get the chance to battle against the French National Champion Blader Tonnerre. Blader Tonnerre beat out all his competitors in the French National Championship in Lyon earlier this year and has been training with the Beyblade masters Storm and Light. He is armed and ready to compete against the top Bladers in the world so let’s see if you can keep up with the best Blader in France!

Challenge Blader Ken

Bladers will get the chance to battle against the legendary Blader Ken. Blader Ken was the host of the last generation’s world championship that was held in Toronto, Canada in 2012 He is a legendary expert of Beyblade and has travelled here all the way from Japan. Let’s see how you do against this OG Beyblade master.

The French Champion YouTube Series Challenge

Bladers will get a once in a lifetime shot to be featured in the ‘Champion du Monde’ Series with Beytubers Storm and Light and French Champion Blader Tonnerre! Bladers will be asked a series of questions about the video series and the winners will be featured in the last episode of ‘Champion du Monde’.

Who’s Your Favorite Beytuber: Storm or Light?

Expert Beytubers Storm and Light will try to win your votes by showing off their BEYBLADE BURST knowledge in a Beytuber showdown! Everyone will choose either #teamstorm (team blue) or #teamlight (team red) and get a wave of colored hair spray, either blue or red, to match their favorite Beytuber! Everyone will then head to the Kidexpo Main Stage where a big group photo will be taken and the winner will be revealed!


The BEYBLADE BURST brand is switching up how Bladers can battle in 2019 and you can experience it before the product hits shelves! Come to the Free Battle Zone to battle with the new BEYBLADE BURST SLINGSHOCK line! Prepare to ride the rails with new SLINGSHOCK technology which will send tops into intense head-to-head clashes.

Beytuber Battle

This will be a closed tournament for Beyblade YouTube Influencers and Beyblade experts, “The Beytubers” who have travelled here from all over the world. This tournament will be in a bracket format where the influencers will compete for their chance to be named the World’s Top Beytuber! Watch and cheer for your favorite Beytuber both at the booth and later on all of their YouTube channels!

Hiro Morita Autograph Session

Hiro Morita, the author of the BEYBLADE BURST comics will be making a special visit to Kidexpo for the World Championship on November 3rd. There will be 2 autographing sessions; the morning session at 11:00-12:00 on the Kidexpo Main Stage and the afternoon session at 13:00-14:00 in the Free Battle Zone of the BEYBLADE BURST booth.

Non-Official Tournament 8-13

This is a non-official tournament for Bladers who were not able to participate in the BEYBLADE BURST World Championship. Here is your chance to shine and let everyone finally see your Beyblade skills that you have been dying to show off.


Competitors will battle with the new BEYBLADE BURST SLINGSHOCK line on the Kidexpo Main Stage! Winner and Runner-ups will receive a prize to take home with them! NOTE: Parental consent required to compete. Tournament participation limited on a first come, first served basis.

Non-Official Tournament Over 13

This is a non-official tournament for our longest standing fans of Beyblade. If you were bummed that you were too old to participate in the World Championship, this is your chance to show off what you’ve got!